I am 25 years old and didn’t realize that I have been having different types of seizures for the majority of my life. As a child I had a febrile seizure, heat stroke and suffered from migraines for my adolescent years, however I never went to a doctor and kept a lot to myself. Fathers day of this year 2011, started off with a fishing trip but ended up with me having my first two partial seizures where I had sweat metallic tastes in my mouth which were alien to me. I attributed them to being seasick or having food poisoning so I brushed them off like it was a freak occurrence. That night I had my first grand mal seizure and went to the hospital in the morning where they prescribed me Keppra. After my tests were completed, it was confirmed that due to an anomaly in my hippo-campus, the diagnoses is epilepsy. My plans for the summer and future immediately have been put on hold and I am just beginning to see my glass half full again. I have postponed my going to law school to become and IP attorney after seeing how much medication can cost because of patents. This is going to be a road of change and new beginnings, but knowing that individuals like me are out there with similar stories gives me hope that everything will be normal soon. Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my story.

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