Welcome to PACES in Epilepsy–Program of Active Consumer Engagement in Self-Management in Epilepsy

The goal of PACES is to increase the medical, psychosocial, and community adjustments of adults with active seizure conditions.

PACES in epilepsy is a free program specifically designed to help adults with epilepsy manage their active seizure conditions. The goal is to help you develop strategies for epilepsy self-management for a more fulfilled and independent lifestyle.

Program Summary:

PACES in Epilepsy discusses topics relevant to epilepsy in each session to improve self-management. The program consists of 8 weekly sessions each about 75 minutes. Each session is conducted via phone conference led by an epilepsy professional and a peer with epilepsy. At each session, participants are encouraged to engage by taking notes, asking questions, and sharing personal experiences. Each week, participants set a personal goal for the following week to improve how they deal with the challenges of living well with epilepsy.

Is PACES right for you?

Please contact efnca@epilepsynorcal.org

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