Our ride on this wild ride called Epilepsy began on February 21st 2004 when our 5 month old son began having seizures. After suffering 3 years of daily seizures that could not be controlled with any kind of drugs we looked to brain surgery for hope. Although it was the scariest time of our lives surgery was the answer to our prayers! Aidan had brain surgery on December 14th 2006 and a successful resection on December 20th 2006…he has not had a seizure ever since! Unfortunately the cost of seizure freedom comes with a hefty price; the brain surgery left Aidan with right-sided paralysis that cannot be ignored. Despite these limitations and an early diagnosis of mental retardation Aidan has become a strong and independent young boy who will be completing Kindergarten next month! Without a doubt this has been a journey that at times seemed downright unbearable but reflecting back I can say it was all worth it. We have been blessed with 3 years of seizure freedom and pray for many more to come for Aidan!

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