In March 2012 Aly was playing at school and fell off the Monkey Bars and hit her head and broke her arm. We took her in and everything was fine. In May 2012 Aly had her first episode which scared us. We took Aly in and they ran some test and diagnosed her with Epilepsy, we were stunned, how did she get it? Will it ever go away? Does it run in the family? Questions! Lots of Questions!! So we made an appointment with the Lead Neuro at Kaiser Dr. Sankar. He answered some of our concerns. We started to read up on the different types of Epilepsy and Pediatricians that only focus on Epilepsy. We tried several types of meds and nothing worked. Aly has been off medication since Nov. 2013 and she has they same symptoms as if she was still on the meds. We hope that we will be able to find some comfort for the Children and Adults who suffer from this.

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