When I was 9 years old I had my first seizure. I was sleeping when my younger sister saw me starting to shake and foam at the mouth. My mother was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 13 so I’m guessing it’s genetic. After this first seizure, they started to happen often. Sometimes two or three times in one day. I starting seeing a neurologist right away and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. They gave me medication but it wasn’t helping very much. I started to have seizures at school, in front of my classmates. I’ve always had the type of seizures where I wouldn’t feel them coming on, I would just black out, and then wake up in a hospital. It was scary. My classmates wanted answers but how could I explain something I didn’t understand myself. I took tests but every test came back the same, there was nothing they could find wrong with my brain. I wanted to know why I was having them but the doctors could give me no answers. As my seizures increased, so did my medication. The medication made me tired and I felt nausea quite often. But I did my best to go about having a normal life, until I started realizing that certain people wouldn’t let that happen. Classmates began to tease me and would say that I faked the seizures for attention. I almost didn’t get my drivers license and when I was told that I’d have to wear a helmet while playing on the soccer team, I cried. As time went on my seizures began to slow down and the last seizure I had was when I was 15.After awhile I was taken off of medication and was seizure free for 2 years. I am now 19 years old and most of my friends don’t know that I had epilepsy. I pray that the seizures never start up again. I’ve watched my mom go seizure free for 4 years and then one day they started up again. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I’ve never understood Epilepsy and I still don’t, but I will continue helping others who have struggled with Epilepsy.

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