Hi my name is chelsea loh iam 30yrs old i started having seziures at 19 yrs old my experience me having 3 grandmal seziures and my dad experience me having one absences seziure i have autism and adhd my mom said i had a mri done when i was a kid because they thought i was having absences seziure at school my doctors think that i have a seziure disorder because i lost oxgyen to my brain when i was two weeks old my mom said i past out in my crib and my face turned blue she rushed me to the emergency room ive had all my grandmal seziures in my sleeep ive had a couple of eeg done with in the past two years i just had a recent eeg done a week ago because ive been experencing staring spells this is my story and iam on 200 mg of lamictal two times a day one pill at night one in the morning .

love chelsea loh

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