I went through epilepsy from the time I was 8 until 17. After trying every type of seizure medicine, doing many tests, and keeping track of the pattern, the only thing left to look into was brain surgery. After my brain surgery, it was not expected to have memory loss. I went from a junior year in high school level of learning to right away having to learn again at a second grade level. It was a hard time in my life because memory loss was not expected. I saw a speech therapist for 2 years after my surgery as I worked on naming objects, comprehension, and writing again. My problem was, I knew what I saw with objects, but the words would not come out of my brain. It was an emotional, discouraging, but amazing trial in my life. I know that everything happens in our life for a reason. I wasn’t suppose to go back to school that year in 2007, but I did two weeks after my surgery. I was determined, and knew that God had everything in His hands. I was blessed to be free from epilepsy, take every opportunity to share my testimony with others, graduate high school and college, as well as being able to get this poem below published. I feel and pray for those who still have epilepsy and especially for the parents. I believe that you aren’t alone and that God has a plan for each and everyone of our lives.

by Emily Allen

My mind possessed by seizures

They controlled my brain;

My speech, my emotions, my thoughts

Everyone talking, my brain stopping.

Life proved challenging

But I desired no special distinction.

I continued to study and play everyday

While doing homework and swimming

Hoping to avoid disarray.

Friends demonstrate love

With gifts, cards, calls, and e-mail

Life seems rough

In classes that are tough

But buddies, family, and prayer

Helped me stay strong

After brain surgery

Seizures seem like strangers

Therapy helps me relearn words and pictures

It’s complex, but useful

Over all I give thanks,

For teachers, therapists, family, and friends

And look forward to the future.

Thank you, Lord

Emily Allen is a teenager who underwent surgery for her epilepsy. She gave this poem to her surgeon to let him
know how she was feeling after the surgery.

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