My name is Morteza , when i was in high school , almost end of my graduation . i fell on ground and had seizure for 5-10 min. then i didn’t feel anything (as my friends told me, i was dead for 10 min and my heart didn’t beat ,I could see myself from above .
after that suddenly i jumped up and seat (it was miracle , like someone told me wake up. from that day til 13years i was fighting with epilepsy taking 3 pills/day . after 13 years my doctor said your E.E.G is normal . i was fine when i came to USA on 2010 it came back . i was at hospital for almost 2 weeks and lot exam like citi-scan , MRI, . . . .
now i taking 2 pills/day , actually when i was born i has seizure and i was 2 Kg .

now i work 2 jobs and also ride bike for 10 years and also work out .

Much obliged

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